Tackling Union City bars...one bar at a time

The Bar Crashers Crew

About us: We are 3, who grew up and now continue to live in Union City NJ. 

Union City is about 5-10 minutes from the Lincoln Tunnel to NYC and is currently becoming quite gentrified.  Some areas are still very ghetto, gangs exist, some drunks sleep on our streets and like us, some hard working and pretty damn cool individuals live here. Blondie wrote a song about us called Union City Blues because she lived here for a while. We were also the embroidery capital of the world for a while and i still remember going to factories to visit my friends moms while they worked.  While we were growing up it was predominately Cuban immigrants and some remnants of Polish and Italian people in the mix. At one point we had the most Cubans short of Florida…Now they are all retiring and it is slowly changing again. I have to admit i miss the angry Castro talk on the streets and local shops. Now we have a Colombian and Central American majority with a Brooklynite and Manhattan swing of people coming from the beautiful and skyline laden Weehawken township side (neighboring town). Point is!! UNION CITY is changing yet again! and after living here all our lives we find that for fun and excitement we always head to sweet, chill, Brooklyn for fun and entertainment WHY? because the bars around here just don’t cater to us? Or do they? Our spirit of adventure has led us to be pioneers and search within our own unexplored city to see “Who are the people in our neighborhood??” because we have nooooo clue…. 

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